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The History

Rankchaser started out as a side project of a side hustle. Like many others, we had launched our Private Label product on Amazon hoping to make it big and live out the rest of our lives on the beach sipping cocktails and watching the sales roll in, not building an Amazon keyword tracking tool. We had spent countless hours on product research, reading blogs, listening to Amazon FBA podcasts, using all the paid Amazon research tools, and we were sure that we’d found our perfect product. Long story short, we did find the perfect product, unfortunately, so did 100 other people! By the time we launched, we were now competing with over 100 other sellers with the same or similar product versus the 5 we had planned for in our research phase.


The Idea

Although our competition had increased dramatically, we didn’t want to give up. We began to optimize our listing by targeting high volume keywords specific to our product and running our PPC campaign to target those keywords. The PPC campaign along with increasing reviews began to move us up the rankings for our targeted keywords. We had about 25 keywords we were targeting and were manually searching each and every one of them – everyday. We were spending nearly 30 minutes everyday doing this when we finally had enough and signed up for a paid service that automated keyword rank tracking. The service we used cost us $50/month on a basic subscription, a steep price to pay considering the other costs we already had. But, keyword tracking was really important to us so we happily paid for it and it really helped us improve our keyword rankings. The only thing that annoyed us was that we were paying for services included in our subscription we didn’t need or knew didn’t work. Things like a product description analyzer, Super URLs, and sales trackers. We knew how to write good product copy, we knew that Super URLs don’t work, and that other stuff can be found in our Seller Central dashboard. Coming from a web development background, we decided to hack together a simple but working keyword tracker to use for our Private Label products. One weekend later, we were able to cancel our subscription and reliably use our keyword tracking app to track our keywords!


Backend screenshot


The Result

We shared our new little tool with our other Amazon seller friends and the positive response really motivated us to start building our tool into a full fledged app that any seller can use. We pivoted our energy and time into Rankchaser, building out features and functionality that we, as sellers ourselves, would want to use. We also wanted to make sure it was affordable and priced reasonably, especially compared to the other services out there. One thing we absolutely wanted was letting the customer be able to control the number of keywords they need. A seller with one product shouldn’t have to pay the same monthly subscription price of a seller with 20. That’s why we give our customers the flexibility to add or cancel keywords as they choose, paying for only what they need.

We hope you give Rankchaser a try! We have a free trial if you’re still not convinced or want to test drive it first. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

-Rankchaser Team