Using Rankchaser is simple and depending on how many products and keywords you have, should only take a few minutes to setup.


Step 1. Add your product

Add you product by clicking on the “Add Product” button in your dashboard toolbar. This should bring up a popup where you can search for your product via its ASIN. Enter your ASIN and select which marketplace its on and click “Search Amazon”. Your product should show up underneath within a few seconds. If it doesn’t, please make sure your ASIN is correct and the right marketplace is selected.


Add product


Step 2. Adding keywords

After saving your product, it should show up in your dashboard. To add keywords you’d like to track to your product, click on the product to go into its details. Then click the “Add Keyword” button. This should bring up a popup where you can enter your desired keyword. This area will also give you suggested keywords based on what you type in. Saving the keyword will add it to your dashboard.


Add Keyword

Keyword suggestions


If you’re looking for keyword suggestions, use the find related keywords field and enter a keyword related to your product. This should give you a list of related keywords and click the “Add” button will add them to your dashboard.


Keyword Suggestions


When you add a new keyword, it takes Rankchaser a minute or two to get your keyword’s ranking, depending on how high or low it ranks. Refresh the data using the refresh icon and your rankings should appear. If you have questions about your ranking data, take a look at the FAQ.


Wait for Rankchaser


Step 3. Adding alerts (optional)

Alerts let you know when your keywords are above or below a certain position. They’re useful when you’re not able to check your rankings everyday or want to be able to react quickly to ranking changes. To add an alert, go into the keyword you’d like to set up an alert for. Set up the alert and click the “Add” button. You will now receive an email (same email you used to sign up) whenever your keyword’s ranking qualifies. To cancel the alert, click the “Delete Alert” button.


Add Alert



Adding or Canceling subscriptions

If you need to add more keywords, doing so is easy. Navigate to your subscriptions page but clicking “Add Subscriptions” under your Profile Menu. Here you can add additional subscriptions to increase your keyword availability or cancel existing subscriptions.


Add subscription menu


Select the subscription you’d like and the quantity. Then click “Add”. If you’d already set up your payment method, the subscription should be added immediately. If your keyword availability isn’t updated, please try refreshing the page.


Add subscription


To cancel a subscription, click on the 3 vertical dots icon next to the subscription you want to cancel and select “Cancel subscription.” Click on the “Confirm” button to confirm cancellation. You can reactivate anytime before the end of the billing period or let it run through the rest of the period where it will be permanently deleted.


Cancel subscription


That’s it!

We tried to make Rankchaser as simple and straight-forward to use as possible. Let us do the tedious work for you and all you have to do is check back regularly to see how your keywords are doing. If you have any more questions, please check out the FAQ or feel free to contact us.


-Rankchaser Team