Frequently Asked Questions


What is Rankchaser?
Rankchaser is a service that helps you keep track of your Amazon keyword rankings. When selling a product on Amazon, organic search result rankings for your product's keywords directly affects your sales. Keeping track of your rankings everyday is time consuming and tedious. Rankchaser solves that by automating the process and tracks your rankings daily for you.
How many keywords can I track?
The number of keywords you can track depends on your subscription plan. We give you control in how many keywords you can track by allowing you to add additional subscriptions (increasing the number of keywords you're allowed) anytime or by canceling your subscriptions anytime if you decide you don't need as many keywords anymore.
How many products can I track?
Paid subscriptions come with unlimited product tracking. This means you can add as many products as you want, whether they're yours or if you're keeping track of a competitor's product.
Can I try Rankchaser for free?
Absolutely! If you'd like to test drive our service, we provide a free plan allowing you to track 1 product and 2 keywords. Additionally, paid subscriptions come with a 7 day free trial meaning you can cancel at anytime before the free trial ends and you won't be charged.
Which marketplaces do you support?
At the moment, Rankchaser only supports the US Marketplace. Support for other marketplaces will be added shortly. If you'd like to be notified when this happens, please subscribe to our mailing list.
How often are the rankings updated?

Keyword rankings are updated twice a day. Product BSR is updated twice a day. Keyword alerts are sent out once a day.


How does Rankchaser determine my keyword ranking?
We search Amazon for your keyword until we find a listing matching your product’s ASIN.
How many pages do you go through?
We search through about 15 pages of search results before stopping. This is equivalent to listing position of about 300.
How is my product's search page position calculated?
Your product’s search page number for a specific keyword is calculated by using its current rank divided by the number of products listed in a page of Amazon’s search results.
The ranking for my keyword is not showing anything.

There may be a couple of reasons why your keyword’s ranking is not populating. Some of these are:

  • Check your keyword for any typos or errors. Make sure the keyword is assign to the correct product. You can manually do a search of the keyword yourself to see if your product shows up in the results. If it does, wait to see if Rankchaser picks it up on its next update. If it still doesn’t, please contact us and we will try to help.
  • Rankchaser checks up to page 15 of the search results. If your product is ranked over 300 or over page 15, Rankchaser will not find your product until its ranking improves.
  • Amazon’s search result algorithm changes. Sometimes (not often), the search result algorithm doesn’t return your product because it was updated or for unknown reasons. This is almost always temporary and should be fine when Rankchaser next updates.
My keyword's ranking is varying by a lot.
Whatever is shown in Amazon’s search results is what Rankchaser picks up. If you’re running advertising on your product, it may be showing up in higher positions as a sponsored listing and Rankchaser is picking that up as your keyword’s ranking position. Don’t worry though, we never click on your sponsored listing so it is not costing you money. We are working on having sponsored listing position as seperate to organic listing position in the future.
Can I export my keyword's historical rankings?
Yes! If you visit your keyword’s page in your dashboard, click the “export” button and you will receive all of your data in CSV format.